NzbNation Introduces Ability To Download Several NZB Files At Once

NzbNation has been listening to your suggestions, and due to the high demand for a way to download several NZB files at once instead of first putting them in your bookmarks and then downloading them. Please note this feature is available only for our premium users, so if you have not yet signed up, please do so here to reap all the benefits of a premium user. To download multiple files at once, simply check the check mark boxes next to the NZB file, and then click the "Create Nzb" file button at the top of the page in the "Nzb File Actions" box. Please note this feature is not available on our home page, but you must be browsing for NZB's, which we do not see as much of a problem because the home page is to just to quickly show you the most recent files, rather than what you are browsing for. You will notice in the select box in the "Nzb File Actions" there is also a "Add To Bookmarks" button. This button allows you to add multiple files at once to your bookmarks rather than clicking on each of them individually as you had to in the past. You will also notice that there are other options that are currently disabled, such as "One Nzb File, Zipped" and "Individual NZB Files, Zipped". These options are still in development and will be available shortly. We hope you enjoy the frequent updates to NzbNation and hope our users keep suggesting new features they want to see, because as you can see we are trying to roll them out as quickly as possible!

NzbNation Nzb Index Development

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